They say “We have good food and best view”, this is our slogan. The Pan Yaah Thai Restaurant is tastefully decorated in Thai traditional style décor. The food is good and the portions are great for the price, very reasonable. It is located along the road heading towards Kamala Beach and comes with a splendid view that overlooks the entire Patong Bay. It is considerably a romantic spot, especially when you get a table by the edge to catch the sunset during the evening.

You can find one of the best views of Patong Bay and Patong Beach Phuket at the Pan Yaah Thai Restaurant, located on Road 4233 heading north towards Kamala Beach Phuket. One thing our customers tell us they like about Pan Yaah is the location, away from crowds at Patong Beach, and you get a great view of Patong Bay from our location at the northern end of the Bay. If you are driving here the parking is pretty tight, at least with a car, so keep this in mind if you plan on visiting when the place is busy.


  • Gang Ma Sa Mun
  • Pad Prik Khing
  • Pra Ram Long Song
  • Kauy Theo Nam
  • Pad Seeiew or Pad Thai
  • Pung Ka Ree Fried Rice

  • Larb, Nam Sod, & Yum Tale

  • Koong Haum Pa

  • Satay & Spring Rolls